Queen of All Time

My queen of days since I knew not what days were

Unbeknownst to me of a world once we shared

We shared a life prior to this one

Despite my growth and weight ever tiring her

Kicking her side,

and she’d call out cheerfully for anyone who cared

to come and touch. (Ignoring the pain)


My queen of days since I knew the world

Ndede was her name

For as long as my ears could decipher sounds of the outside.

Those same ears that she pulled so hard

When I was wrong.

The pain almost like a deception in contrast to her smile

and cautionary words spewing from her moral mouth.


Ndede, of days, since the society knew me

Your love and prayers are now me.

Without you my love, my mother, my only

I would run around like a headless chicken.

In the absence of you in this life, you gave me.

The prophet of my blessings now and days to come.

Thank you, my African queen. This I say with deepest love.


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