Show Me Love

Woman I implore you.
In the name of all honesty,
I pray you to try not make me fall in love.

Not with you, not with another,
I swear I will not.
Before you curse me, blame me for being a man,
Please woman, hear me out,
I will not fall in love with you.
Am I not content with the sex we had?
I swear I am.
This love from me you keep demanding,
I know not of its intricacies.
We tried what I know best,
Did you not sweat and invoke ancestors in your moans?
Swear that you did.
Of this indulgence I know,
I simply copied what my mom’s cockerels did.
And perfected by watching my dad’s goats too.
Do you think I learned this simple art in school?
I swear I did not.
Instead of complaining all the time,,
this love you preach about.
I pray that you teach me to love
Because I can’t fall into something so mysterious
Woman, show me the ways of love
I swear I will love you.

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